Reading the Clarion Ledger, I learned that Gov. Tate Reeves is extending a statewide mask mandate through the end of September to help slow the spread of COVID- 19. Not only is the mandate going to extend but business capacity limits are also increasing. Being a college student, I started to wonder what this meant for public activities during the school year.

Restaurants may serve more dine-in customers, with the governor now allowing 75 percent capacity, up from the previous 50 percent. Restaurants may also seat up to 10 people at one table, up from the previous limit of six. Tables must remain at least 6 feet apart. Retail stores and gyms may operate at 75 percent capacity, up from the previous limit of 50 percent. Gyms may remain open 24 hours a day. Under the amended Safe Return order, group gathering limitations are now at no more than 10 indoors or 50 outdoors when social distancing is not possible. If people are able to social distance, group gatherings are set at no more than 20 indoors or 100 outdoors.

With the numbers increasing on how many people can be together at one time, college students are hopeful that by the second semester they will be able to gather for a social event. It is with that thought I stumbled into the office of Goodman Student Activities Coordinator Tina Boyette to ask questions of what’s to come. Here’s our conversation below.

Interview with Tina Boyette

LS: “Mrs. Boyette, what is your role and duty as student activities coordinator?”

TB: “My role is to plan and execute activities on campus three nights a week and be a liaison between teachers and students.”

LS: “How has COVID-19 affected activities on campus this year?”

TB: “In the past, we have had the ability to do activities indoor and outdoor. Some activities including Fall Fest, costume dances, cook-outs, taking students to the movies,  etc. However, due to the coronavirus, we had to change how we do student activities. Before the governor had even mandated what we could or could not do, the administration decided we were not going to have any organized public gatherings, neither indoor nor outdoor, for student activities. The last thing we want to do is put our students at risk so it has limited us to almost no activities what so ever. Seeing that we are having unorganized outdoor intramural activities, I have teamed up with Carlos Andrews (Intramural Coordinator) and we provide drinks, popsicles and different things for their enjoyment.”

LS: “As numbers are increasing for the number of people allowed at events, do we see any activities happening on campus soon?”

TB: “Hopefully with a possible vaccine that could be available in November, we are hoping to resume activities in the spring at full forces starting January.”

Well there you have it my fellow Bulldogs, with great hope next semester we will have more activities to enjoy our college year some way, somehow.

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