In March of 2017, I experienced the most horrific ordeal of my life. Have you thought about your death date? So many people my age play those Facebook games about when or how they will die but truly no one really knows the answer. It was my senior year in high school; I was so excited. I am singer and was granted the opportunity to sing a solo at our class graduation. Besides school life, I used to sing background for a gospel recording artist named Brady C. Smart. He’s the funniest, humble and most stubborn person I’ve ever met. We sung all over the U.S from Illinois to Louisiana. This particular venue was in Lexington and prior to this event, I had never  driven this far from Jackson before.

I remember listening to my jams on the way there but in the end, I never made it. I can recall all the stories and reactions as I came back to. Getting off on the Lexington exit a car took a fast turn and knocked my 2007 Trailblazer off the road with flames rising from the hood. I died at the scene and was air lifted by helicopter to UMMC where they resuscitated me and got me in a stable condition. When I came to, I learned my vehicle was totaled, I couldn’t walk and my two front teeth were no longer in my mouth. If words could sum up my feelings it would be  thankful to God for life.

 The Months To Come

It was so discouraging in the months to come. I felt ugly and so helpless. Less than  two months away from graduation, my work was piling as far as the ceiling. When walking into the younger classmen class to get my work, they’d laugh because my teeth were missing. I made a vow that day I no longer want to sing or be seen in public anymore, college seemed like a no-go for me.

The Big Day

At the beginning of May, I caught up with all my work and I could walk more. I was in and out of  doctors’ appointments checking on my health. Graduation came around and all my peers still wanted me to sing them into commencement. I’ll never forget the morning of graduation. I was told to come into the dentist office because of complications. When I made it to the office, they informed me my high school paid for me a partial so that I could smile confidently on my day. With tears in my eyes, I marched on stage  and gave my comrades what they wanted! As I looked in there faces you could see tears of joy for me. I wasn’t sure about college but  have to say I’m enjoying my time as a Bulldog!

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