This year has been one for the books. To think that one day COVID-19 will be in books and we will be  some of the people who lived among it is just shocking. Many students come to Holmes to join Connection, Choir and various student groups. I’m happy to say that COVID hasn’t stopped the music on the campus. Though meetings are different this year – the song must go on.

During practices,  students in the musical ensembles now wear a face protector and social distance more than 6 feet apart while they are singing. Although they are split in choir, the sound is still very melodic. Many teachers and students drop by and pay compliments enjoying the encouraging and fun pieces. The fine arts department is doing a wonderful job handling music students and keeping them safe.

While this semester is almost over, the groups are hoping to at least make videos to show their peers what they have been preparing. Next semester many are hoping o be able to at least perform outside to showcase their talents to the fellow Bulldog community. Though no one’s sure of what is to come, but one thing is certain music must go on!

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