As women, do we actually know our worth? As a woman, will you do anything for a man to say yes? Being around my family, friends and the stories I am hearing from them made me question this. Living in a male dominate world is never easy. We already have to fight to be equal within our jobs, salary and much more. After all the fighting for equality to have the same as a man, we still question our value within relationships. As a woman I understand this completely, I went through phases where I would change myself  so I get the attention of men.

            Knowing your self-worth is key to every relationship you’ll ever have. Who knows you better than yourself? Ladies, being yourself and never changing who you are is the best thing going for you. When I did change myself to fit a man criteria, I lost sight of who I was and even then, I was still not good enough for him. Confidence is something us women need for ourselves. Your insecurities and flaws  are what makes you beautiful.  

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