Have we as citizens lost our humanity and sensitivity? In recent news, a lot of our youth are losing their lives because of the bigotry and racism in this country. American is known as “Hope for a better life,” and “Freedom,” to a lot of people inside and outside of the U.S. Is it really that way?

2020 was a crazy year and a lot of events  happened in 2020 and are continuing in 2021. George Floyd was murdered on camera by one of our fine policemen. A lot of the citizens were outraged by this killing and demanded that the people involved be arrested. After the arresting of the police officers involved in the George Floyd murder, we would think as people we need to change. 2021 has not really been any different than 2020. Everyday on the news you see that our African, Hispanic and Asian American communities are being attacked. Not because of them committing crimes, but because of deep racism that has been here in America for years.

To be kind to someone that looks, sounds and acts differently from you is not hard. Humanity has really lost its touch and its sensitivity. Put yourself into the parents’ shoes that have lost their children due to racism. Put yourself into people shoes that are being attacked because of what a persons’ background is. Speak up and Speak out. Aren’t you tired of seeing our youth dying off?

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