Since the beginning of time, women have had to learn differently from men. Marriage is important, and this is something that women should strive for. Men bring home the bacon, and women are in the kitchen cooking the bacon. What happens if the roles were reversed? The woman is out making the bacon and the man must cook it instead. 

Fast forward to the present. In 2021, we are now seeing the “Boss Woman” archetype. This archetype is a woman who has the confidence,  drive and knowledge to get what they want. No matter what obstacles are in the way these women will be successful. More women these days are getting into this archetype. They want to have something of their own, and not ask anyone for anything. Where does this leave men?  

 Men are now having to compete with the “Boss Woman” for their jobs and positions. Even though they must compete with these alphas, these women are less likely to get paid for their worth. Women today are still fighting for these equalities and one day we will get it. 

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