On April 19, 20, 21, and 22,  the Fine Arts Department on the Goodman Campus put on a week-long performance of spring concerts and recitals. Usually, the concerts are together and on one day, but with Covid still in the mist, the administration decided it was best to do multiple concerts.

Opening on Monday, the school hosted students and faculty members for a special private show before it opened to the public. On Tuesday night, many came to support the students with various crowds at both choir and the connection concert.

Wednesday afternoon was Lakesia Smith’s sophomore voice recital featuring Camden Dixon. Many student bodies, teachers and patrons showed up to send their support.

Thursday concluded the week of concerts. Benny Edwards, the chorale director, and Micheal Yates, the Connection director received many accolades for the tremendous work they did to help the students get ready. Each concert got better with every performance. The students are very excited to see what’s to come next year.


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