Finally! We are back with another article about fashion. We are now getting into the colder months 2021. For the past couple of years, we have seen some bizarre trends but now fashion has taken a turn for the better. This particular year we have some trends that you might want to try out. Let us take a look at these trends:

Just like in 2020, we have seen the matrix leather look that started to show just a little bit. Now in 2021, we are going to see leatherier looks make a person look even more attractive. Doc Martens and chunky platform boots are in trend this fall/winter. Just like the Matrix look, Bratz Doll fashion is also back this year. For the second trend blazers and trench coats are necessary for the next couple of months. For the past couple of years, the trend of puffer coats and bomber jackets have been big within the fashion world. Since the major change from light to dark, it is the trench coat time to shine. Lastly, the last things are the assorted color trends. Just like 2020, this year will be big on neutrals as wells. Even though this fall/winter will be big on neutrals, it will have pastels shades as well. Yellows, pinks, and orange will also be big this year.

Most of the trends from last year will be going into this year, but with a huge twist. So, this year, since Covid-19 has slacked up a bit, get out there and show off your best outfits for the fall/winter months.

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