Why does an innocent girl fall for the biggest jock?  I am a girl who is known for my charming and innocent nature. Yes, I was a teacher’s pet and worked very hard for my grades. Like any other girl I had many male admirers, but I only had eyes for one person. Of course, it was a jock. The cliché story of the good girl and the jock.

Asher Lewis was a football player who was very well known throughout the whole school. Asher was not known as your typical over-hyped jock; he was actually very shy. A very shy acting man he was, and his shyness is why I liked him so much. He was charming and quiet, or that is what I thought about him. He was so shy that I was the one to initiate romantic gestures with him and basically take the lead in the relationship.

While texting it’s casual, just your typical conversation. I am a very awkward person when it comes to texting, but Asher was confident when it came down to conversation. He was so confident that he switched it up to a more erotic conversation. It put me in a very confused position, and I needed help with the conversation. So, I had to confide in one of my siblings to help me keep the conversation going. Yes, I had to because I did not know how to keep up, he was my first official boyfriend.

The conversation took a very dark turn into the infamous picture. I was shocked and appalled at the entire situation. This guy who I thought did not know much about relationships ended up knowing a lot more than I thought. I stopped texting him because of how uncomfortable I was. When we made it back to school, he told everyone about the situation. He made it seem like I was boring and too uptight! I’ve never had my feelings hurt this bad before, but as a girl I take this experience with a grain of salt. First it made me feel sad, but I started to feel empowered. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

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