Animals are all around us. They are a very important part of our environment and ecosystem. Just as it is important for human beings to have their needs met, it is equally as important for our animals to have their needs met. Animal lovers across the world are highly upset about the recent events that happened in South Africa.

Back in 2016, Seha, a Southern White rhino, was in a “poaching” incident with five other rhinos and he was the only survivor. Poaching is the action of illegal hunting.

Seha was found two weeks later hornless and with tears running down his face.

He was taken by Saving the Survivors, a vet organization that help rescues animals that are victims of poaching.
Because of the severity of his injuries, he underwent 30 operations.

Doing some more research, poachers tend to attack very viscously which lead to them removing everything including parts of the skull.

During the time he was kept, he was able to mate with a female rhino, that was also a victim of poaching, and had a calf

After years of operations and close monitoring, Seha was released back into the Marataba reserve on Jan. 24.

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