As of Monday, Feb. 2, the Biden Harris administration set in action a $30 million plan to assist racial equity alongside underfunded and overlooked communities with elevated levels of substance abuse. Partnered with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the plan involves pop-up safe injection sites and specialized kits that are equipped with items such as smoking utensils and syringes. The “smoking kit” is described as a safe alternative for anyone struggling with substance abuse.

More than 20 million individuals across the nation struggle with drug and substance abuse, and since the early 2000s, nearly 800,000 Americans have fallen due to addictive narcotics. In regard to the sites and kit, the expectancy is that if enough are placed amongst underdeveloped communities, more addicts will have a safe way to use as cleanly as possible; this is opposed to sharing pipes and needles.

Naturally, a plan that is solely determined to supply addicts with the tools to support their use is frowned upon. All political parties are scrutinizing the president and the HHS for encouraging drug use in America, even if their intentions are just. Many news outlets have focused merely on the distribution of narcotic-based utensils; this ultimately has implanted a skewed outlook on the plan in general. Although these kits are being distributed, the reason is much more vital and relevant. An attempt to help the smaller communities of America with their issues by any means necessary is the true purpose of this plan.

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