Throughout the month of March, intramurals will be holding activities such as capture the flag and volleyball on the Holmes Goodman Campus.

Following the highly successful dodgeball tournament, Sidney Kimble, head of the fitness center and intramural director, is set to produce two more intramural activities before the month is over. Although the dodgeball tournament was a vaguely new concept for the Goodman Campus, it gained a substantial following in a short amount of time. The success of the tournament was directly linked to the inclusivity of the event. Such an event allowed the student body to come together in the light of competition and have a friendly contest. Kimble shares her admiration towards the event stating, “I wanted to have activities where anyone is welcome. A place where we can get everyone excited and active.”

If you or a friend is interested in any upcoming intramural activities, capture the flag will be held on March 9 at the band field and the volleyball tournament will be held on March 30 at the volleyball court.

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