On the afternoon of April 26, the Holmes Community College Jazz Quartet commenced its final performance of the year. Following a disastrous tornado that closed most of the facilities available on the Goodman Campus, the group still prevailed in the light of adversity. What was originally planned to be a concert consisting of one large ensemble, quickly turned into an opportunity for each member of the band to display their talents.

The quartet was separated into multiple groups consisting of three members, and each group was then tasked with learning their personalized set list, compliments of Jazz Band Director Terry Miller. Each group would receive three tunes to perform, and once their set was concluded the next trio would make their way to the stage. Jazz Band member David Greene had this to say about the performance.

“I felt like a collective we did good, but individually I felt as if I was one of the weak points in the band,” Greene said. “When watching the video back by bass wasn’t as loud as I wanted it to be.”

From an outside perspective, Holmes sophomore Carter Jones weighed in with his opinion of the performance as a whole.

“I thought it was great, I was jamming,” Jones said. “We were yelling for an encore.”

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