On Feb 2, Mississippi Gov Tate Reeves signed legislation legalizing medical marijuana. This law permits the use of cannabis to treat certain debilitating medical conditions. Shane Polk is an army veteran that served over six years in the war. Below I am going to inform you of the reasons I support the legalization of medical marijuana in Mississippi.

Polk was born in Gibson, Louisiana in 1969. Pole has three children and five grandchildren. Polk served our great country in Operation Deseret Storm where he was a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne of the U.S. Army. Once he returned home, he continued his training at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Unfortunately, while doing a routine training procedure during the night, his parachute malfunctioned. He only remembers jumping from the airplane and the parachute not opening properly. His body apparently hit the ground with great force. As anyone can imagine, he had multiple bone fractures and a traumatic brain injury. It took him three days to wake up while in ICU. After he woke up, he suffered with horrific pain and memory loss that he still suffers with to this day.


Polk was on 22 different medications for his pain and suffering and has been able to get off over half of the medications due to medical marijuana. As Polk stated, “Medical marijuana has improved my quality of life dramatically.” Medications can cause an increased risk of internal bleeding or liver damage. The more medications a person takes can also increase the risk of those drugs interacting dangerously with others. Taking too many medications can also cause a person to build a tolerance becoming addicted to the medications.


Medical marijuana offers many benefits. It can reduce anxiety, relieve pain, relax tight muscles, kill cancer cells and even stop tumor growth. For Polk, he uses medical marijuana to treat his seizures, chronic pain and muscle spasticity. He has not had to take seizure medications for a while now because of the medical marijuana. This is why, as a friend of a 100 percent disabled veteran, I support the legalization of medical marijuana. For more information on medical marijuana and the benefits of it visit https://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/medical-marijuana-faq.

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