Jon Rahm was struggling at the first part of his round but managed to recover and take home the win. He won The American Express Cup that was hosted in La Quinta, California at PGA West golf course. The whole weekend was a nailbiter to say the least, as Rahm beat the young Davis Thompson by just one stroke in the end. Rahm finished the weekend at an impressive 17 under par. Rahm celebrated with his wife and two young children while hoisting the trophy in front of cameras and fans. 

The Spaniard golfer has been red hot lately as he has won four of his last six starts in PGA tournaments. An even more impressive stat is that two of those wins already happened in the month of January. Rahm having two wins in 2023 already is outstanding, as it is reported he is quickly at $4.6 million in earnings for the year. 

There is a wide debate about who is the best golfer in the world, and Jon Rahm is definitely a part of the conversation. According to CBS, Jon Rahm is ranked as the third top golfer in the world. The two golfers he is behind have produced incredible success in the past: Rory Mcillroy and Scottie Scheffler. Many golf critics say that the performance Rahm is putting on at the moment, though, is full evidence as to why he is the most talented golfer in the world. 


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