It’s October, and Holmes Community College’s Homecoming is on the roll to begin! During the week of Oct. 23-26, HCC will be celebrating their Homecoming. There are many things to look forward to, but one of the most exciting parts about HCC’s Homecoming is The Holmes Connection!’s first show! If you are unfamiliar with The Holmes Connection!, the HCC website provides clarity on what to expect. “With a fantastic light show, powerful vocals, and contagiously energetic choreography, The Holmes Connection! provides an exciting, professional show that generates magnetic audience appeal.”

Since I was a kid, I have seen many of The Holmes Connection! shows, and I can confirm that everything the HCC website said is true. The energy that The Holmes Connection! give off is unmatched; the audience will genuinely enjoy what they see anytime The Holmes Connection! is on stage. The Holmes Connection! will truly take your breath away with their live performances during Homecoming week.

This year, The Holmes Connection! has been working diligently everyday, since Connection! camp which started in July, to prepare the show for Homecoming. It has been a long and difficult process, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons. The singers and dancers put in all the effort to make sure the choreography and vocals are almost perfect and ready for show day during Homecoming. Behind the scenes, crew members are preparing the stage, working on getting costumes together, managing the lights, creating props for the show and helping backstage in any way they can. Once this all comes together, the show for Homecoming will be born.

A few members from Connection! gave me their input on how they feel about their experiences in this year’s group. Eli Rigby, a sophomore crew member, said, “I enjoy getting to see behind the scenes of the show and getting to know the group.” 

Jakya Ellis, a freshman singer and dancer for the group, said, “I love Connection!, the people and the music and the love we have for it. With this group it teaches you many things like respect, responsibility and growth! I can’t wait to perform with the people I love the most.” 

In addition, I asked a couple members why they feel the audience should be excited for this year’s show specifically. Madeline Davis, a sophomore singer and dancer, said, “We are incorporating some new things into this year’s show. A lot of people will be surprised to see what we are doing differently this year–musically and dance-wise.” 

Jamya Ellis, also a sophomore singer and dancer, said, “It’s going to be a good one! We have high energy songs that everyone knows. Most people haven’t experienced a Connection! show, so they are in for a treat!”

This is a brand new year for The Holmes Connection! They have a new group of singers and dancers, a new list of music and dances to learn and a new audience to perform to. As a member of The Holmes Connection!, I would encourage anyone who is reading this to please come support us either on Oct. 25 during the student show or Oct. 26 for the Homecoming show at the Goodman Campus in the McDaniel Hall auditorium. There is so much to look forward to with this show and I cannot wait until it is all yours for you to enjoy! To stay up to date with The Holmes Connection, please follow @theholmesconnection on Instagram and @holmes.connection on Facebook.

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