Over the last few months, the world has been torn in its support of Israel or the nation of Gaza. Amidst ongoing injustices and geopolitical crimes. The United States still finds its way to support its allies, Israel, at their own expense. As the United States consistently demonstrates its unwavering support for its key Middle Eastern ally, they’ve announced a significant increase in financial and military assistance to Israel. The last few months have seen a rise in horrific war crimes done unto both Gaza and Israel. Us News predicts that over $260 billion has been given to the nation of Israel. Although the United States continuously supports Israel, there has been a rise in American disappointment. 

In an opinion piece by The New York Times titled, “Military aid to Israel cannot be unconditional,” it lays out how the United States has given Israel over $3.6 billion dollars in military and financial aid. This is more than it has given to any other country in the past. A large minority of Americans disagree with the support of Israel both economically and morally. However, the United States has continued to prove their support for their allies but, according to the minority, at the expense of their own citizens. Although this majority continues to become larger and speak out against the United States, a majority still believes in our military and financial aid. 

The marking of the conflict between Gaza and Israel erupted after the attack of Hamas. After this attack on Israel, America started pouring in. According to Pewresearch.org, 57 percent of Americans agree with the United States support. They even go as far as to say Israel attacks on Gaza are valid. 

The conflict between Israel and Gaza has not only torn apart countries, but also its citizens. As the United States continues to help their allies, the divide over morality widens. Americans with fleeting opinions are a large majority that might one day be the end in the aid to our allies. 


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