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Who is Jake Wimberly?

First things first, Who is Jake Wimberly? Jake Wimberly is my mentor at ESPN radio 105.9 and you can listen to him weekly Monday through Friday between 4-6 p.m. I got a chance to interview Jake and ask him some questions, some are about himself, and others are advice he would give to other future […]

Creative Writing Class Travels to Meet Aspiring Author

On Thursday, Aug. 23,  several members of the Holmes Goodman Campus Creative Writing class went on a fieldtrip to Oxford to attend a book reading and Q&A session with David Joy about new book, “The Line That Held Us.” His editor and friend, Ace Atkins, was also part of the session. William Moorer, the class instructor, took his […]

Mississippi Legends: The Phantom Barber

Let’s say you wake up in the middle of the night and a strange man is in your room. Your first assumption is that he’s there to hurt, rob or kill you right? But instead he just leaves and you realize that this bizarre man has robbed some of your hair. In 1942, this happened […]

Fantasy Football Recap: Week 1

Week 1 in the world of fantasy was shocking, intense and the points per player soared in PPR or points per reception leagues. People who drafted Le’Veon Bell were not happy when it was determined that the number 2 running back in the NFL will not be starting due to not accepting his franchise tag […]

Rash of Inmate Deaths in Mississippi

Local and national news agencies have focused on the welfare of inmates throughout Mississippi as a spate of deaths, the majority having unknown causes, and it has created many questions. People want to be informed. The concerning number of deceased prisoners over the last month, 16 total, is almost a third of the deaths for the […]

To tip or not to tip

To Tip or Not to Tip? What is the proper amount to tip your server when you are out eating at a restaurant? $2? $10? Well, the answer is not so simple. A proper tip cannot just determined by the quality of the service you received, and even though it was low quality, one dollar […]

Racial Reconciliation

Over the past month, many stories have surfaced of how African-Americans have been mistreated in restaurants, other public places and even at their own homes. Although it is 2018, African-Americans are experiencing modern-day Jim Crow laws. From the two men at Starbucks who were thrown out simply because they hadn’t bought anything to the life […]

Death By Dessert: A Killer Play

On April 17 and 18, Holmes Community College put on the Play “Death by Dessert,” directed by Holmes theater instructor Teresa Grantier. The play tells the story of Don and Donna, owners of competing restaurants that share a wall, and the death of their landlord, Mario Rossetti. While both restaurant owners and their respective employees […]

Gaming Club Elects New Officers

On April 20, the new president and vice president for the Holmes Gaming Club were elected. As the previous officers will be graduating on May 11, they wanted to be sure that the club would be left in good hands. John Miksa was voted in as president, with Curtis Osborne as his vice president. They […]