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Coffee, commonly served in coffee shops, is the second most valued trade commodity to date. Every day, the world consumes close to 2.5 billion cups of it. The average American will spend roughly $1,092 a year for his or her coffee pick-me-up. So where does the capital area of Mississippi stand on this pie chart?

Most commonly referred to as the “McDonald’s of coffee,” Starbucks is the current dominating coffee store, having over 25,000 shops open worldwide; 13,000 of them residing in the U.S. One might actually find it surprising that the Jackson Metro area doesn’t share the same amount of vast enthusiasm for the multi-billion-dollar company as the rest of the word does. That’s not to say Mississippians don’t love their coffee, but other options reside in the Magnolia State capital.

The most common café in town, Cups Expresso Café, is a Mississippi-based coffee shop with locations in place throughout the Jackson Metro area, quite literally. With residence in Fondren, Flowood, Brandon, Madison, Clinton, Downtown Jackson and other places, there’s actual story to the “go local” attitude they advertise. To make each location unique, the owners decorate their shops with the projects of local artists. Their menu consists of pretty standard shop options with addition with some originals, their most popular being The Blondie.

Cafés have a social atmosphere but when one needs to get their coffee on a go, most will turn to Seattle Drip stands (with one based in Flowood now owned by Mocha Mugs). They are a drive-thru exclusive seller of coffee found on the edge of Ridgeland and Jackson. Their customers frequent the drive-thru due to the quality, availability and their Frappuccinos. If you’re in a hurry but still want quality, look no further.

Local shops have seen a rise in popularity in the past year. The two most notable are M7 Coffee House and Sneaky Beans in Fondren; both young shops recently introduced to the area.

Each one has a unique menu that leaves customers wanting more. Both privately owned, the shops have a renovated style to their stores.

Sneaky Beans, located in the artistic hub of Fondren, hosts monthly art shows and has local musicians play on its porch.

M7, based just outside of the Holmes Ridgeland Campus, also has the same open atmosphere as its counterparts. They are most notable for their drink, The Hazy Baby, which has the special ingredient of Nutella.

As you can see, the Jackson Metro has a vast amount of options for your coffee needs. These businesses not offer a quality product but also a quality experience.

You just have to know where to look.


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