The roar of protest has spread throughout the United States like wildfire in response to a newly voted bill. The House of Representatives have just currently passed a ban on abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. The House vote came down to 237 for opposed to 189 against being the third time voted. The newly proposed legislation contradicted scientific consensus regarding “fetal pain.” Republican sponsors of the bill have disregarded pre-existing facts and instead have relied on majority control of the house to pass the long-standing conservative dream. The split of opinions on both sides differ widely but the facts do not.

The 20-week ban has once again opened discussion regarding when can babies feel pain and when are they considered “alive.” According to every major body of science in America, fetuses do not develop neurotransmitters for pain until the third trimester. The evidence provided is from a thorough experiment conducted in 2005. However, the legislation will ban abortions a full trimester early with no bases of reasoning. Many civil right activist have called this unconstitutional and just the beginning of attacks on Roe V. Wade, a long-standing protection for women. When will enough be enough? How much more will it take for you to get angry? Now is our time to stand up for civil rights!

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