Joshua Jackson

Hometown: Jackson

Major: English

Minor: Communications

What do you plan on doing after Holmes: After I leave Holmes I plan on going to a university such as Belhaven, Mississippi College or the University of Georgia.

Why Georgia? That has always been my favorite school. I grew up watching the college football games so I always liked them, I researched in high school and I liked what they had to offer.

What are your career ambition? To become a lawyer.  English majors get accepted into law school. Do you want to have your own law firm? Kinda, I want to have enough money to fund my own movement. To create change in the rough neighborhoods.

What are your hobbies? Watching football, writing poetry, I love writing, sports and playing games. I am also part of the icreate club. You should join.

Special talent/skill/ something interesting. I am a wordsmith, I have the power to create words. I can do a lot of things with my words. I have the gift of gab aka talking.

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