Last month, Phi Theta Kappa members extended classrooms, encouraging new qualifiers to join the honor society. Phi Theta Kappa is an international honors society that happens to have its headquarters in Jackson.

New Leadership

Leadership roles have changed on the campus this semester. Lisa Anglin, Antoine Gates and Laura Canard have stepped forward to guide Phi Theta Kappa members.  I had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Mrs. Anglin to explore her plans for Phi Theta Kappa, how she decided to become an advisor and more!

Discussing her decision to become an advisor, Mrs. Anglin shared that, “The dean and vice president asked me to, and I knew I was at a time in my personal life that I could commit the time for it. It’s something I’ve always been interested in.”

Knowing that this was a new experience for all of the advisors, I wanted to learn more about their team dynamics and what Mrs. Anglin enjoyed the most in working with them. Emphasizing that she loved working with her fellow advisors, and that they “all work well together,” she added that Mr. Gates was organized and kept everyone grounded while, “Ms. Canard brings a lot of fun to our crew.”

When asked about her plans for Phi Theta Kappa, she informed me that all the universities in Mississippi will be coming to discuss their schools and exclusive scholarships for Phi Theta Kappa members during the fall semester. There will be meetings about once a month.

I wanted to delve deeper and learn about someone that had used Phi Theta Kappa as a major stepping stone to success in hopes of providing readers a little inspiration. Little did I know it would hit so close to home. Phi Theta Kappa is not only important to her at Holmes, it has made a difference to her family. Mrs. Anglin shared how her husband was a member of Phi Theta Kappa, and that he was able to attend college without going into debt. Phi Theta Kappa helped him on his journey through university, making it possible for him to attend a university, only having to pay the cost of room and board.

Mrs. Anglin explained that not only does it help with scholarships, “it also opens the doors for some leadership positions. Even if they’re not an officer they can be extremely involved which would help with transferring.” If you have freshman status, you may wish to become even more involved, pursuing an officer role the following year.

Every semester Phi Theta Kappa officers have a college project. This semester it is to “enhance social life.” She explained that,” because we are a commuter campus, our students are wanting more social activity on campus.” There are discussions about “utilizing green space on campus” as well possible “movie nights.”  While it’s in the discussion stage and nothing has been confirmed, this could create an exciting opportunity for students to get to know one another better.

How do I get in and who qualifies?

Those that qualify will receive invitations in the spring, summer and fall through their peers during scheduled times as well as email. This semester’s invites are at completion. The GPA for the initial invitation must be 3.5 or higher, so you’re encouraged to join as soon as possible after you’re invited. However, post joining you’re allowed to maintain a 3.0.

There is a $90 one-time fee that you will incur for joining. However, many will find this an easy decision to make, if they consider their future opportunities.

How could Phi Theta Kappa help me afford higher learning?

Although there’s some difficulty matching out-of-state school’s scholarships with the society, there is an abundance of potential scholarships available from Mississippi Universities for Phi Theta Kappa members transferring from a community college. The most generous scholarship is through*Delta State, who offers Phi Theta Kappa students with at least a 3.25 GPA and that maintain that GPA over the course of their stay at DSU, the opportunity for free tuition.

Ole Miss and Mississippi State offer $4000 a year in scholarships with a 3.25. Southern allows a one-time award of $1000 for Phi Theta Kappa members who have kept their GPA at 3.25 or higher. The W offers $2000 a semester for Phi Theta Kappa membership with a 3.0 or above. If you desire to stay close to home, Millsaps offers a $20,000 grant. Another great local scholarship is through Mississippi College, who offers Phi Theta Kappa members who have a 3.5 or higher and that maintain that GPA while at MC, $8,500 a year.

Colleges have ever-changing criteria that may not match what is written above. These are potential offers discovered on their websites, they’re not guaranteed and lack the fine print. For more information, restrictions, and rules regarding this potential assistance please visit their respective websites or contact an admission counselor at the school you’re interested in attending.


Officers and Phi Theta Kappa advisors are selling cheese and sausage to raise money. Members can sell through Ms. Canard. If you’re interested in treating yourself while supporting the honor society, now is the time to make a purchase! Orders and money will be taken until Nov. 1. Please see Phi Theta Kappa advisor to order!

To learn more about the society please visit:

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