The reason Katresia Sawyer wanted to start her own preschool, which is Madison Academy Preschool, because she had a passion for teaching kids. She did not realize that she was gifted with having the ability to teach kids. This was a significant dream of hers she wanted to make into reality.  Sawyer had many people come up to her giving her compliments on how she is so good with kids. One day she had put all of her intuitions and ideas together. Then she prayed about the idea of having her own school. She said God spoke to her, and was willing to help her to pursue her dream.

The first few months she had to create a business plan. Then she said the hard part was finding a building. Finally, she had a building in September 2019. The lady who was going to give her the building was afraid of dealing with childcare. Sawyer was a little discouraged by the bad news, but then she found another building the next month. She did not even see it coming that soon. The only thing she was worried about was the State Health Department looking at her building, and making sure she was running her business accordingly.

Then the health department came, and there was a lot of fixing the new building she had found. The health department had to come back to look and see if everything was fixed. She said the process was long, but it was all worth it. Next she had to take a test to get her certification. The process was a long one, but she was happy she accomplished every obstacle that came her way. Today, Sawyer is thriving as the owner of Madison Academy Preschool which has 10 students and is still going great on expanding.

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