The Grammys took place on Sunday night, Jan. 26, and a lot of people were shocked at the outcome. Everyone was still mourning the passing of Kobe Bryant, who was a light and inspiration to so many people. The Grammys went on but not without a tribute to him and a spotlight on his jersey at the back of his arena. Many people were glad to see this. However, the actual awards given out confused many people. Many albums that were snubbed over the years are being mentioned again all over Twitter such as: Red, lemonade, ANTI and melodrama. These past loses were brought up due to one artist sweeping the award show and winning every major category.

The four major categories, which include: Song of the Year, Best New artist, Album of the Year, and Record of the Year were all awarded to Billie Eilish who has undoubtedly changed music with only one full length album. But in the same category was Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next” and whether one loves or hates her music it is hard to ignore the worldwide success that this album had. Breaking records only The Beatles held by having the top three spots on Billboards Hot 100 consecutively. While Billie Eilish’s album was a massive success, especially for a debut album, many felt she deserved her other wins of the night but not Album of the Year. Even when accepting Album of the Year Billie Eilish said, “Can I just say, I really think Ariana deserves this award.”

This was not the only complaint of Sunday’s Grammys but it was the most notable for most. While a lot of people were confused about Ariana Grande not receiving Album of the Year for her most successful album to date, most were confused at her losing all five of her nominations. The Grammys used Ariana’s music in a lot of their commercials and made her out to be the highlight of the night, only to give all of her nominations to someone else. With a moment in music like “thank u, next,” it was hard to watch the awards go to anyone else because whether one loves the album, hates the album or has never fully listened to the album they’ve most likely heard the lead single or at least the name. If they haven’t heard of the album they watched the inspiration for it unfold in the media.

No one wants to discredit the artist who won, especially Billie Eilish who is now the youngest person to receive Album of the Year in history, dethroning Taylor Swift for “Fearless” in 2010. It is understandable to be confused about the win, but not many were surprised as over the years many have believed the Grammys to be biased and problematic. With their lowest rating in history, next year’s Grammys might be less respected than this years.


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