It’s finally the time of year for heartbreaks, heart aches and romance! Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world with various cultures and religions. Valentine’s Day can be celebrated with your family, lover, best friend, ex or yourselves. So you want to find the perfect gift for that perfect someone, but that could be difficult. It’s not your anniversary or birthday and Christmas was just here! What shall you get them?

Well here’s a few steps on what not to do and what to do for the people you love.

What not to do:

  • Procrastinate- procrastination can lead you to get them something like a pair of underwear, and no one wants a last minute gift. Thoughtful gifts and ones that come from the heart are always number one!
  • Don’t Cross The Line- If you’re in a relationship and your partner says that they don’t want anything, listen to them it could be a sign. 
  • Pay Attention- Don’t go out of your way picking up great gifts for someone who turns down your Valentine’s Day gift; getting friend zoned is just humiliating!
  • Don’t Give In- Just because you’re lonely don’t go looking for a fresh relationship and expect an exceptional gift or if you’re lonely don’t give in to texting an ex, they’re an ex for a reason!
  • Don’t Beat Yourself Up- Don’t get in a gloomy mood on Valentine’s Day just because you’re single! Someone could be confessing their love and your negativity can reach them from afar. Be happy for everyone and their happiness. Be humble and content. 

Now that we know what not to do, let’s focus on the positive!

  • Beneficial Gifts- Be thoughtful about your gifts; if someone is allergic to chocolate covered strawberries or can’t use scented lotions, don’t give them something that they can’t benefit from!
  • Propose- If you’ve been carrying that ring around waiting on the perfect moment, what other day is better than the day of love! Express it to your loved one and get engaged 
  • Be Cautious- If you just started dating someone, the last thing you want to get them is a ring or something significant that confesses your love for them. That’s just scary, repelling and overwhelming. Get something sweet but simple but also thoughtful. See, it is not that complicated!
  • Be Creative- Some people love gifts that come from the heart. Poems, art and DIY projects are perfect opportunities for you to show that money can’t buy love. Also it shows how much you know about your partner.
  • Be You-  If you’re single enjoy yourself! Being single means having more money for yourself! 

Finally, you now know what not to do, and what to do on Valentine’s Day to make it a perfect day for you and or your loved ones! Let’s enjoy and capture our precious moments for either life lessons or to show the grandkids. “Love grows more tremendously full, Swift, poignant, as the years to multiply.” -Zane Grey 

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