Nov. 3 was one of the most intense election days in history. This particular election was different because there were in-person votes and mailed in votes. As a nation we were all anxious about the results, but we did not expect it to take a week for the results to get in. On Saturday, Nov. 7, we learned that Joe Biden won the presidential race. Kamala Harris is the first woman be elected, as vice president. She is Black and Asian descent and the first woman of color to be elected, as well.

We as citizens of the United States have only seen men as presidents and vice presidents. In 1972, Shirley Chisholm was the first African American woman to run for president but did not win the election. Women have tried many times to get to the top to open doors for many others but have not succeed. Fast forward to now, we have Kamala Harris as vice president. This has given a lot of women hope, the women who have been wanting to be in a position of power with their jobs.

This has given hope to every woman who was told that “Women are to stand behind their husbands and to cook and clean for them.” This has given hope to women who have been working their butts to the bone, but their salary does not match the man who is in the same position. This has given hope to little girls who want to be president one day. Hope that now we as women are important too. No matter what race, age and income we are in, this has given us hope.

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