The year is ending and we are still having to deal with the pandemic that took us all by shock. There have been rumors that Gov. Tate Reeves has lifted the mask mandate, but now Gov. Reeves has added seven counties to the mask mandate list. This would add up to a total of 22 counties now.

“Wearing a mask helps,” Gov. Reeves said. “It helps you. It helps your family. It helps your friends.”

Mississippi is one of the states that is facing a really bad outbreak in COVID-19 cases. Some believe primarily because we are one of the unhealthiest states in America.

Gov. Reeves gathered the states with the highest cases of COVID-19 and added them to the mask mandate. No one wants to wear the mask, so the news that we would have to wear the mask was a relief, but when the state fair opened in October, the number increased from there.

“The new counties under the mandate are Hinds, Madison, Pontotoc, Tate, Winston, Itawamba and Montgomery,” Gov. Reeves said. “The 15 already under a mandate were Benton, Carroll, Covington, DeSoto, Forrest, Harrison, Humphreys, Jackson, Lamar, Lauderdale, Leflore, Lee, Marshall, Rankin and Yalobusha.”

More officials fear that as the holidays roll around, the number of COVID-19 cases will increase.

The best thing to do around this holiday season is to stick to small gatherings at home rather than public areas.

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