In the beginning of 2020, the entire world was hit with the virus known as COVID-19. It has been a year with this virus and a year of being in quarantine. We have been spending time with our families, and not being able to really go outside to enjoy life. Social media has kept me informed on what people are up to during the quarantine. Post like “I don’t have any type of energy”, or “I am depressed and eating a lot,” is very common post that I see.

Spring is coming up and it is time for us to come out of this quarantine overkill. What I mean by coming out this quarantine overkill, is doing the things we normally do as people but with precaution.  Get up and go outside to get some fresh air. Take a stroll in the park or go out with some friends. “Quarantine has made me a bit lazy, and by me really thinking about getting up, and being able to do regular things make me very happy,” said anonymous student.

Mississippi have lifted a lot of the COVID-19 regulation. Places such as bars and sit-in restaurants have reopened, but social distancing and mask are still in place. We still must follow certain rules, so we do not have a peak with this virus.  Even though there are rules and regulations that we must follow that should not stop the fun.  So, go out get some sun and have a little fun with precautions.


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