Last semester was very challenging at the Holmes​ Community College Goodman Campus. The faculty and students were not able nor allowed to host any events on the school campus due to Covid-19. The school took necessary precautions to ensure they put each and every person’s safety first. Covid is still amongst us, but many restrictions are lifting with things such as the vaccination rates rising. With numbers depleting, events are once again set to happen on the campus.

2021 seems to be opening a beacon of light as the Holmes Chorale and Connection have set dates for concerts. There is also a sophomore recital set for the month of April. Social distancing with be enforced and a mask must be worn to be in attendance.

Here are the dates and locations for the concerts:
April 20- Holmes Connection Concert in McDaniel Hall
April 21- Lakesia Smith’s Sophomore Recital Featuring Camden Dixon in the Fine Arts Auditorium
April 22- Holmes Choral Concert in McDaniel Hall

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