Beginning in 2021, the news about abortion became very heartbreaking. To see that women’s rights to their body are basically being taking away is sad. Society and the laws for women are taking steps backward and not moving forward. Laws are set in place to protect people. Why is it so hard for society to protect and uphold women?

Women have been struggling with multiple things that society has put them through. From breaking away from “standing behind your man,” to standing beside or even in front of them. Abortion and rape are two topics that many people find to be very sensitive.  To say that a woman does not have rights, or a say in basically anything is just wrong.

If a woman was rape and got pregnant, she  would not have the decision to terminate the child. She would have to live with the events that  happened to her every single day. Is this fair? No. Society has made women out to be the bad guys with things that have happened to them. Rape, abuse and stalking are common things that have happened to women throughout many decades. Still in 2021, women are genuinely treated as pushovers without a say.

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