The saying, “It’s hard being a woman,” is certainly an understatement. Women go through so many things. It’s  difficult experiences for every situation that they would go into. For example,  with dating or even starting a new job, situations can be difficult. Sexual harassment or sexual advancement is something a woman do not like going through. Both scenarios can happen anywhere, but it is extremely crazy when it happens in the work place.

In the workplace, a woman would not expect for anything sexual to happen in that space. On the other hand, it is very common for this to happen to women. To hear about women’s experiences dealing with hardships like this are extremely heartbreaking. Why can’t society understand the difference between right and wrong.

Women have the right to say no to anyone’s advances. Even when a woman has told a person no it should not advance into a more sexual state. That seems to happen a lot more than people talk about. It is sad that in 2021 women are still being sexually harassed in the workplace and just in general.

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