Keifers’s is a Greek restaurant with two locations in Jackson Mississippi. Since 1981, Keifer’s downtown has been serving Jackson’s favorite Greek food, with made-to-order sandwiches and quick, friendly staff. Keifer’s specialties include gyros with cottage fries, hummus and their famous feta dressing as well as their popular burger and curly fires.

Mr. Jimmy has been working at Keifer’s for over 20 years. He always has a smile on his face and loves to make people laugh. Sometimes he will sneak you a piece of cheesecake if he likes you haha. As Mr.Jimmy said “Keifer’s wouldn’t be Keifer’s without me” and he is right. Anytime he is not there you will hear people ask where he is!

Madison is steadily growing with new shops and restaurants opening daily. Keifer’s will add some Greek to Madison. For more information about Keifers’ or to access their menu go to

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