Earlier this year, following Texas’s first execution since 2021, Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee raised his concern about the lethal injection process by announcing a pause to all executions for the time being. By offsetting their execution schedule, inmate Oscar Smith was sparred just days before he was set for lethal injection.

Personally, my stance on capital punishment waivers with each case. In some instances, I believe the punishment is unnecessary, but with others, I can see where some might think it is futile. Although I do not fully agree with the methods they use, I do find it progressive the states are taking a step back, and looking into how they are using these methods. With these chemicals mass-produced to increase productivity, it is possible substance regulation and oversight could have been limited. Hopefully, Tennessee’s example will act as a standard for the other states, and more oversight will be implicated for a more humane and safe execution process.

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