Mock Interviews are set for Oct. 20 for students applying to any health-related professional programs

The interviews will be held in the Adcock Library Conference Room ​on the Holmes Community College Ridgeland Campus from 2-3 p.m.

Biology instructor and one of the coordinators, Shelby Turner wants students to be prepared and comfortable with the interview process.

“This just gives students an idea of what it could be like. If you go into an interview and you’ve never practiced before, it can be kind of scary, because they are just people there staring at you and not really giving you any feedback. You want to get a little practice in that area, so that you can give the best interview you possibly can,” said Turner.

Preparation for interviews are a personal issue for Turner. Mock interviews benefitted her as she pursued for jobs, scholarships, and even dental school during college.

“I actually did mock interviews myself whenever I was in college. I always thought they were very helpful, because they give you an idea of what to expect,” said Turner. They could ask crazy questions like ‘If you were a door, what kind of door would you be and why?’. Normal students, if they are going into the interview with no experience, they wouldn’t know what questions they might ask. This just kind of gives you a heads up. In my experience, it really helped me out to get comfortable with the interview setting.”

For more information, contact Shelby Turner at or Rosalyne Davis at .

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