The Holmes Community College Ridgeland Campus held their annual costume contest on Monday.

The Student Government Association set up their tent in the courtyard area. In addition to the contest, students could enjoy some popcorn and candy.

Will Spell and Rachel Mallord won first place for their handmade costumes of Shark Boy and Lavagirl from “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl.” They received a Applebee’s gift card.

“A couple of our friends and I were watching the movie. We like doing extravagant things like dressing up for Halloween. So, one of my friends was like ‘Oh my gosh!’ You guys got to be Sharkboy and Lavagirl, so we were,” said Mallord. “We went to Home Depot to buy cardboard. We cut out the pieces, and taped them together with duct tape,” said Spell.

Elle Schneider won second place for her makeup work as a car crash victim. She received a gift card to Golden Corral.

“I like doing horror movie makeup, so I figured why not give it a chance,” Schneider said.

Aicha Sall won third place for her costume as an Egyptian which was in tribute to her African heritage. She received a gift card to Newk’s Eatery.

“I felt a connection with it, because my great-grandfather was from Egypt,” Sall said.

There was also a special award for faculty members which went to Graphic Designer Stephanie Wood dressed as Robin Hood. She received an Olive Garden gift card.

“I’m an archer naturally. I’ve been shooting my bow and arrow since I was six. This is my husband’s costume actually, so I mixed my archery equipment with my husband’s costume. There you go!” Wood said.

All student winners received a Holmes Community College lounge chair.

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