Aaron. Judge. Has. Done. It. Last Tuesday, Oct. 4, Judge made history in baseball. Judge launched his 62nd home run this season, adding to his insane stat line for the 2022 MLB season. The monstrous home run he hit put his name in history, as he now leads the American League single season home run record. 

Judge just passed former Yankee, Roger Maris, as his record has been held for over 60 years. Maris finished his career with a 61 home run season. Maris passed up Babe Ruth in 1961, as Ruth’s record was held for over 40 years. Undoubtedly, athletes that are in the game of baseball now are much further ahead than in the 60s. Pitching is the best we’ve seen as guys throw baseballs over 100 mph now. What Judge is doing this season is truly remarkable to watch. 

Judge is only behind a few guys for the single season home run record. Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, and Barry Bonds are all ahead of him. Judge is right now in seventh, behind the several 60+ home run seasons of the legends I mentioned. The record, held by Bonds, is 73 home runs. It is well known across the baseball world that Bonds did that while on PEDs (performance enhancing drugs). Judge is only 12 away from beating that record, with still all of October left to play. Will Judge be able to do it this season? Or will he have another season like this in his future?


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