Albert Pujols has shocked the world! This past Friday, Sept. 23, Albert Pujols smashed his 699th and 700th career home run against his former team, the Los Angeles Dodgers! History is being made right in front of our eyes, as Pujols moves to the fourth place spot on the all- time home run list for the MLB. He moved right in front of Alex Rodriguez, and is behind Babe Ruth (714), Hank Aaron (755) and Barry Bonds (762).

The all-star slugger and First Baseman is in his 22nd season of his MLB career and is showing every baseball fan what athletic longevity looks like. Pujols is having an exceptional season with St. Louis.. He is currently hitting with an average of .264, has 21 home runs and has 58 runs batted in. He is also putting these numbers up at the age of 42. He hasn’t put up numbers like this in over three years, which is when he played with the Los Angeles Angels. 

Although the St. Louis Cardinals come across as a real threat being 89-65 going into October, everyone in the MLB is in support of Pujols. Whether they are a player, manager or coach, they all want to see Pujols continue making history. He is not far from the number three spot for all- time career home runs. Pujols is only 15 home runs away from moving in front of Babe Ruth for the number three spot. 

It is unsure exactly when Pujols will retire, but it is obvious that he will end his career soon. He will end his career soon with the team he started his career with, the St. Louis Cardinals. Heading into October, the Cardinals and Pujols get ready for postseason play in pursuit of a World Series championship. Will Pujols end his career off with his third World Series ring? Will he finish his career as a top three all- time home run leader? It is certain that he will continue to make history. 


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