Holmes Community College held their annual Spring Fling at the Ridgeland Campus on Tuesday.

The Student Government Association covered the courtyard area with inflatables, a rock climbing wall, a trampoline bougie and more. Booths were set up with free books, movies and even the opportunity to register to vote.

Students also received free Chick-fil-A sandwiches with chips and a drink of choice.

The SGA polled students on their preferred foods and activities before deciding what to include in the event.

“It’s not just about education here at Holmes,” said Olasike OlateruOlagbegi, president of the SGA, “We love for us to have fun and just enjoy ourselves. Doing events like this brings out our inner child. It lets us know that it’s okay to enjoy college and have fun while still getting an education.”

Spring Fling was a hit for students like Jaylen Grays who most enjoyed the games offered across the courtyard.

“I love it!,” said Grays. “It’s so much fun! Spring Fling is always a good time. Everyone is having fun. I got my friends out here. We love it!”

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