Are you looking for a nice treat on a hot sunny day?! Well… you will enjoy trying a delicious treat from a food truck that sells desserts! It’s called the Parad-Ice. The food truck comes around every summer. They are located all around the Jackson area! You can find them in Flowood, Brandon, Ridgeland, Pearl and Forest. They serve delicious shaved ice, with different and amazing flavors. They also serve corn on the cob, along with cheese and nachos.

Saturday evening the Prada-ice was located down in Brandon. I decided to go and try some things off of their menu. I tried the Berry Cheesecake. It was good! The Berry Cheesecake was made with shaved iced, vanilla ice cream topped with strawberry cheesecake flavoring, with fresh strawberries all around, with a slice of cheesecake, sweet cream and whipped cream to top it off. I also had some nachos with jalapenos. Everything was great. 

I was also able to try their other wonderful flavors, as well! My friends and I tried the Mangonada shaved ice. It was really good. It comes with natural mangoing flavoring, mango sorbet, fresh mango tamarind candy pieces, chamoy and Tajin, topped with a delicious tamarind stick. We also tried the Strawberry Delight shaved ice, that one was good as well! It comes with strawberry flavoring, vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberries, sweet cream and whipped cream. 

I would rate my experience and customer service as 10/10. The food truck servers were great and you got your food in less than 5 minutes. The Berry Cheesecake would be an 8.5/10 and the nachos a 10/10. The Berry Cheesecake was good if you really have a taste for something really sweet or even if you just love cheesecake like me! The Mangonada was a 9.5/10; it is great if you want something not so sweet or not so tart: it’s right in the middle. The Strawberry Delight was very sweet as well. I would give it a 7/10. Overall, I enjoyed the entire experience and would recommend it to anyone!! You can find them on their social media at “The Parad-ice.”


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