Do you love a good fiction book with mind-blowing endings? If so, you should read the book “This is Where It All Ends” by Marieke Nikjamp. The book starts off with students attending school on a regular day, everything is just as fine as always. After attending a school assembly, an unexpected turn happens that will shock everyone. This book is a fiction-based novel. This book is also the #1 best seller in the New York Times. 

The author explains that she wrote this book because there have been so many school shootings and she just wanted to experience what those kids were experiencing in those traumatizing situations through writing a story of her own. She was able to imagine what may possibly happen during a school shooting as well as the small or big things that could lead up to a school shooting. She was also able to understand the backgrounds of what may make a student want to behave that specific way.

While the author was writing the book, she made sure to research and read about all the school shootings that happened in the past. Nikjamp was able to find many things that could help her write her novel and to be able to experience the whole situation through one of her writings. Nikjamp was able to make her novel similar to an actual school shooting as well. In addition to her book allowing readers to experience how a school shooting may actually be, she also brought awareness to our teachers and students about safety around the school 

The book is not only about school shootings. It also talks about the four main characters in the book. They were all just regular students with different points of view until something extreme happened. This book is great for someone who is very interested in fiction. I would rate this book 8.5/10. It is a good book to start reading.

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