Why is homelessness such an issue in the inner city and why is the homeless population still growing every day? One may ask what are the causes of homelessness? Unemployment, low wages, a lack of affordable housing, physical and/or mental illness, domestic violence and poverty that limits access to education, social services and different opportunities are a few of key causes.  

In my research, I discovered that there are currently 16 running shelters in the Jackson area. Just like any other facility, rules are put in place. I chose to research the two shelters that have been up and running in the community for over 30 years. We have a men’s shelter called the Billy Brumfield Men’s Shelter and Matt’s House for Women and Children. 

Billy Brumfield offers a wide range of assistance for their clients and is dedicated to restoring lives one day at a time. They offer different programs for men, such as emergency shelter, alcohol and drug rehab and special needs programs, as well. Guests can stay up to 4 nights a week. 

 Matt’s House for Women offers 18 beds. They also provide clients with a 14-to-28-day stay. According to the website, they also provide support services according to individual needs. 

 As I stated earlier, the homeless population in Jackson is growing every day. If you know anyone who is currently homeless, tell them about the different resources available to them. For men needing assistance 1100 West Capitol Street in Jackson. Women and children needing assistance can contact Matt’s House at 601-948-2873. They are at 355 Livingston Street in Jackson. Placement and a better quality of life is just one call away.  

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