Music is the way to my heart. Ever since I was young, music has been right there with me. So, there shouldn’t be any surprise when I say that I have been to plenty of concerts and music venues. I’ve been to 13 concerts and 14 music festivals. Recently, I went to the most important one. Most concerts I have been to have either been free or less than $50 for my ticket. However, this time I spent nearly $200 on a ticket. Was it worth it or not? 

The concert in question is Lana Del Rey’s 2023 nationwide and international tour. I’ve listened to Lana Del Rey’s music for 10 years now. If you don’t know, her songs are a mix of romance, alternative pop and tragedy, and are coded with positive affirmations. She took the world by storm in 2020 with songs from her albums, “Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Boulevard?” and “Lust for life.” But let’s get into her concert.  

I got ready, drove to the venue, took pictures, stood in the hot sun in an excruciatingly long line and then stormed inside to get to the pit. I was there early, I had time to walk around, get food and peek out some merch. Compared to other concerts I have been to; the set-up was very minimal.  

If you don’t know, the Brandon Amphitheater is an outdoor venue. I tend to like outdoor venues better, but not when the following days are overshadowed by excessive heat warnings. Even with all the exhausting weather days prior, the venue was great, the sun was going down and the night air wasn’t too hot nor too cold. Compared to all the other outside venues I’ve been to this one was by far the best.  

The food they served there was decent but overpriced, that’s not anything new from any concert venue. This was the first concert that I decided to eat at instead of getting food before and I don’t think I will ever eat before a venue again. The food was probably $10 more than running through a fast-food line, but just the experience of being in the venue not worried about your seat getting taken or having a “bad spot” in the pit felt relaxing. On to the music.  

Now, I’ve never been much of a country music listener, however, her opener was Nikki Lane. Nikki Lane is what I consider to be the upcoming new face of country music. People who don’t necessarily have a country background but enjoy the melodies and can write songs for people of those backgrounds.  

The last few concerts I have been to the openers have been successful and popular in their own right. However, I had never heard of Nikki Lane. After the concert, I went through her music and added a few I liked to my playlist. I still can’t decide whether I enjoy the hype that openers I know can give me before the “real show” starts or if I like discovering a new artist. Or in this case, a new music genre.  

 Lana Del Rey came on at 9 p.m., which left many concertgoers, including myself, very irritated. She came on and started her setlist. I have a video from each one of her songs, but they aren’t any good because they are overshadowed by my beautiful “scream-singing.” The music was great, she kept very close to the original beat, tone and key of all the songs. Therefore, it was easy to sing along with her.

Her backup dancers were doing minimal easy dance moves that made her the center of attention. She didn’t have many graphics on the stage or elaborate set pieces, which is always my favorite part of concerts. She eventually came down to the pit and took pictures and conversed with her fans. which I believe to be important for the fans to feel loved. She gave her appreciation and love for wanting to come to our state. She left with her last song that wasn’t on her setlist, but everyone knew.  

Needless to say, Lana Del Rey is a great artist who knows what it takes to perform in concert. To answer the question that is still looming. Yes, the concert and the money I spent were totally worth it.  

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