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Graduation Rates

Many students worry about graduation and whether or not they will accomplish that milestone. Some people drop out of school before even considering graduation. In both college and high school, graduation rates differ depending on location and race. In certain areas, drop out rates are very high, while other areas, that is not the case. […]

2016 grad Switzer joins Byram Police Department

Katey Switzer of Meridian, an alumna of the Holmes Community College Ridgeland Campus Criminal Justice Administration Technology program, is now serving as a member of the Byram Police Department. Switzer graduated from Holmes in 2016. While at Holmes, she was a Dean’s List scholar every semester. Save Save Save

A New Addition

“I’ll never forget that phone call when the social worker told me they had found us a child. My husband Barry was not at home that night.  He was at an Upward Basketball game, coaching other people’s children, teaching them to love sports and to play with integrity, when I got the call. The social […]

Making Bachlorette History

All of those people who impatiently wait for Mondays in order to watch “The Bachelor” got a big spoiler alert on Monday, Feb. 13, because the next bachelorette was announced on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. The big announcement was made by Jimmy Kimmel himself and Chris Harrison. The amazingly beautiful Rachel Lindsay is the lucky […]

The man who is called one of the Best Writer of his Generation

The man who is called one of the Best Writers of his Generation On Wednesday, Feb. 8, author Michael Farris Smith spoke in Jackson at Lemuria Books. The novel “Desperation Road” is set in a Mississippi town where there’s drugs, whiskey, guns, and craving for revenge. After reading a section from his book he talked […]

Importance of Drinking Water

Water is used for many different things and humans highly ignore the importance of water and how it affects the body without proper consumption. Water helps food get through the intestines, lubricates the joints, protects the spinal cord and other tissues, and regulates body temperature. If the body consumes any type of food with high […]

Vice President Casts Historic Vote

On Feb. 7, Vice-President Mike Pence broke a tie for a cabinet nominee for the first time in history. The nominee was Betsy DeVos, whom President Trump nominated for Secretary of Education. DeVos drew heavy criticism after her rocky confirmation hearing, where she was unable to adequately answer some questions posed to her. Even though […]

School Obstacles

School presents a lot of challenges to the aspiring student to overcome. On top of the numerous assignments the student must stay on top of in order to come out of the semester with passing grades, the student must also be able to squeeze in time for social and extracurricular activities. The constant stress of […]