“Wakfu,” a French animated TV show and videogame, is about the adventures of a young boy by the name of Yugo who is a reincarnated king of a surviving race called the Eliatropes. Not a lot of people may have seen this show or even heard of it. It is not familiar to a lot of Americans but it is very popular in France. Starting in 2008, “Wakfu” has come a long way with the first season containing 26 episodes. With the success of season one, “Wakfu” was renewed for a second season in 2011 and then later renewed for a season three this fall. Following the release of season two, “Wakfu” caught the eyes of a lot of American viewers. The directors, Anthony Roux and Fabrice Nzini, would not have guessed that “Wakfu” would have grown in such a way. I have enjoyed the first two season of “Wakfu” myself and cannot wait for season three to be released. Filled with action, adventure, comedy, and romance, “Wakfu” has what any kind of adventurer would love in a show.


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