Ridgeland student Darrin Storks taking a shot in the paint for “Team V.”

On Jan. 26, the Ridgeland Campus’ intramural sports program hosted basketball for the first time. The Sunnybrook Children’s Home staff made this possible by allowing Holmes to host games on their court. Four teams played in a round-robin tournament, with each team allowed to have three players on the court at once. The event hosted nine total games, lasting from noon until 3 p.m.

Coordinator of Intramural Sports Sidney Kimble and Intramural Sponsor Ryan Beggs officiated the games. They also established event rules and set up equipment. The Ridgeland Campus’ Phi Theta Kappa officers played in the games while assisting Kimble and Beggs. Each team played three games, giving all four teams the opportunity to play each other. The names of these teams were “Triple J,” “The Victors,” “JK3” and “Team V.”

Ridgeland student Jabari Harden (right) shooting the ball for “JK3”, whilst being defended by “Team V’s” Charlotte Lamar (left).

At the end of the day, “Triple J” came out on top, boasting an undefeated record. Four Ridgeland students played for “Triple J”: Jaylen Grays, Jordan Holly, Jadarious Williams and Jadarius Owens. These students’ standout performance secured their spot as the top basketball team in Ridgeland.

The next intramural basketball event is taking place at Sunnybrook on Feb. 9. The same teams are set to play in a double elimination tournament, ranked according to their win-loss records from the previous games. “The Victors” came in second place, whose only loss was to “Triple J.” “JK3” and “Team V” placed in third and last, respectively.

A white board display, showing each game and its results, set up by Kimble.

All in all, the campus’ first intramural basketball event was a major success. Many friends and family members came out to watch the games, resulting in an overwhelming turnout of participants. PTK Chapter Vice President Jaylen Grays had this to say about the event’s success:
“I think it went great, especially considering the fact that this was the first event of the semester. I think Feb. 9 will [sic] be even bigger.”

If you are interested in participating in intramural sports, visit Holmes’ website for more information. Holmes arranges its intramural events through an online app called IMLeagues. Sign up for an IMLeagues account if you don’t have one already!

IMLeagues signup:

Photos captured by Morgan Bondurant and Garrett Viator.

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