On Feb. 9, the Ridgeland Campus held its playoff tournament for intramural basketball. As usual, Sidney Kimble and Ryan Beggs headed up the event. Kimble and Beggs serve as Holmes’ intramural coordinator and the Ridgeland Campus’ intramural sponsor, respectively. Kimble and Beggs officiated games, set up equipment and established the rules of the tournament. The campus’ Phi Theta Kappa officers assisted Kimble and Beggs by promoting the tournament on social media.

Similar to the last event, this tournament was played in a 3-on-3 format. Two games would simultaneously take place, one on each half of the court. The first team to score 15 points would win their match. Shots made behind the three-point line would count as two points, while shots in front of the line counted as one. Each team had two chances to survive in the playoffs, since it was a double-elimination tournament. 

The four teams from Ridgeland’s previous event returned to the Sunnybrook Children’s Home gymnasium to play for it all. Officials seeded teams according to how well they performed in the campus’ last event, which was played in a round-robin format. 

Triple J, who dominated the round-robin games, was planted as the playoffs’ first seed. Due to their poor placement in the round-robin event, Team V was scheduled to play Triple J in the first round. The Victors, who only lost to Triple J, were placed as the playoffs’ second seed. Thus, The Victors were slated to play JK3 in their opening match. JK3’s only round-robin victory was against Team V, who didn’t win a single game that day.

The Opening Round

For the day’s first matchup, Triple J and Team V lined up to compete once again. Although Triple J’s players demonstrated raw athletic ability, Team V’s defense was playing unusually well. Travian Chambers, Team V’s newest addition, was a major force on defense and quickly began developing chemistry with his teammates. Before long, Team V was consistently scoring in the paint and containing Triple J’s star players like never before. Triple J showed up, but Team V’s improved defense and shooting accuracy helped them pull off a stunning upset. 

At the same time, The Victors and JK3 faced off for their first playoff match. JK3, boasting an entirely revamped roster, gave their opponents a look they had never seen out of this team before. Payton Day, one of JK3’s star players, showed unprecedented potential in his consistent accuracy and vast shooting range. However, The Victors’ teamwork and fundamentals outmatched that of JK3, giving them the upper hand. The Victors came away with the win, albeit JK3 played a competitive match. Consequently, Team V and The Victors advanced to the Winners’ Finals.


Losers’ Semifinals

With one loss each, Triple J and JK3 were demoted to the loser’s bracket. This left both teams with one more chance to survive in the playoffs. Each side had a chip on their shoulder from tough losses. Excellent play was mandatory for their playoff hopes to survive. Triple J initially built a strong lead, while trying to knock down long-distance shots and make their way into the paint. However, they seemed to be missing their rhythm from the round-robin games. 

JK3 took the opportunity to capitalize on Triple J’s mistakes, putting significant points on the board. As the game went on, Day’s skills began to flourish. He handled the ball fluidly and scored from all over the court. Day was just as efficient at the three-point line as he was in the low post. In addition, his teammates played solid defense and complemented each other’s playing styles. The new and improved JK3 earned a well-deserved victory through cohesive and efficient team play. Thus, Triple J was the first team eliminated from the playoffs. 


Winners’ Finals

As JK3 advanced to the Losers’ Finals match, Team V and The Victors contested for the opportunity to appear in the Finals. This game was one of the tournament’s best, with high scoring and hot contention from both teams. The Victors and Team V exchanged shots on offense, while also making stout defensive plays throughout the match. Chambers made several hook shots and slam dunks for Team V. He also knocked down some long-distance shots to boot. Darrin Storks also played well near the three-point line, and skillfully moved the ball to his teammates. Team V’s Jay Williams also played at a high caliber, by following through at the rim and playing aggressive defense. 

Although Team V was playing well, that alone wasn’t enough to win the match. The Victors were consistently matching Team V’s caliber of play in their back-and-forth exchanges. Jude Williams and Ethan Hendry were efficient from the three-point line. Furthermore, they utilized Colin Crosby’s size to create mismatches in the paint. Hendry also made his way to the rim often, complementing Crosby’s style of play. When uncontested, The Victors hardly missed their shots, which Team V’s defense allowed too often in this match. With more bodies in the paint, Williams was freed up to land several two-pointers throughout the game. As their defense began to fall apart, Team V utilized Garrett Viator and Charlotte Lamar to help alleviate these issues. 

However, it became too late for Team V to recover from their previous mistakes. The two teams finally made it to the end. The Victors led with 13 points, needing a two-point shot to seal the game. Team V wasn’t far behind, but their defense began to brace itself. Hendry was starting off what would be his team’s last possession for this game. Without hesitation, he pulled up from the top of the key and drained the game-winning shot. Both teams played exceptionally, but only one could take this win. The Victors secured their spot in the Finals, while Team V earned a spot in the loser’s bracket.


Losers’ Finals

The stakes have increased and the pressure has officially risen for Team V. This team was reaching heights they never envisioned, considering they lost out in the round-robin matches. Everything looked perfect until The Victors secured them a spot in the Loser’s Finals. Now, Team V needs to stay alive in the playoffs against a JK3 team that shocked everyone. Is Team V’s Cinderella story truly at risk? Will Day and JK3 turn the tables by eliminating the team to beat, or will Team V rise up to face The Victors again?

These questions were up in the air for the entire match. Team V playing JK3 was like watching the unstoppable force meet the immovable object. JK3’s offense was fluid and efficient, while Team V’s defense tenaciously shut down their opponent’s plays. Initially, Team V’s defense made room to build a significant lead. However, Day decided to quickly shut that down. 

In the middle of that match, Day suddenly got in the zone. As soon as the ball got in Day’s hands, he started draining shots like it was nothing. He knocked down goals from the three-point line, the key, the low post, the paint… and hardly missed any. The crowd’s energy during this run was unforgettable, as players and spectators were left in awe. Before Team V knew it, their lead was cut down entirely. 

Thanks to Day’s unprecedented scoring run, the scores evened out. Everyone knew Team V’s defense needed to tighten up, but things started looking bleak for them. As soon as Day got out of the zone, Team V realized their defense needed to get in it.

JK3 kept playing their hearts out, but their shots weren’t accurate like before. They started failing to keep possession, and couldn’t pass like they did several minutes ago. Team V’s defense was back, and constantly in the faces of its adversaries. The teams fiercely contended for possessions as scores came closer to 15 points. Viator and Lamar rotated in and caused some turnovers. As the match regressed to a stalemate, Team V took the ball back with intentions to finish the match. Each team had 14 points. Storks began the team’s possession, knowing this moment could make or break Team V. 

Storks pulled up, staying outside the three-point line. Time slowed down for everyone watching. One of the playoffs’ most nerve-racking matches might be coming to a devastating close. With the entire playoff picture on the line, Storks nailed the two-point shot for Team V, sending them to the Finals. The five players celebrated in joyous relief, ready to take on the challenges ahead of them. 

After JK3’s departure from the playoffs, two teams remained: Team V and The Victors.



The Finals

After winning a nail-biter in the Losers’ Finals, Team V had unfinished business with The Victors. The Victors were dominating the Ridgeland basketball scene at this point. They were among the best in the round-robin games, and just dominated the winners’ bracket. The Victors were characterized by making big plays and being fundamentally sound, intimidating teams unfortunate enough to face them. 

In contrast, Team V started at the bottom. They entered the playoffs as losers, only to establish themselves as a dominant team during the playoffs. Initially, the roster Viator drafted couldn’t hang with the rest. Now, times have changed, and Team V’s performance has improved drastically. With a deeper roster and the staunchest defense in the playoffs, they were ready to flip the script once more. There was just one issue — they had to win twice. The winner of the losers’ bracket must beat their opponent twice to win it all. However, the winners’ bracket champion must only win once to take the championship home. Given the situation, Team V faced yet more adversity in the playoffs.

To the spectators’ surprise, Team V quickly got things rolling. In a mere few minutes, they built a very comfortable lead. Team V’s defense was constantly pulling down rebounds and maintaining possession of the ball. Unlike their first match against The Victors, they were sticking to their men on defense. Nonetheless, The Victors began to persist later in the match. Their efforts helped cut down Team V’s lead, but it simply wasn’t enough. Leading by several points, Team V easily took the Finals to game two.



With the first game leaving much to be desired, the crowd eagerly anticipated the final game of Ridgeland’s intramural basketball playoffs. After seeing what “Team V” was truly capable of, The Victors understood they needed to play their best if they wanted a championship.  

The final playoff match was truly one to remember. The game was a fast-paced series of high-caliber plays being made by both teams. Both teams’ offense and defense played remarkably well, and no points were scored easily. Team V knew better than to play sloppy defense, and The Victors knew not to underestimate their opponent.  

After a string of electric plays on both sides of the ball, the scores came closer to 15 points each. The two teams stayed within 2 points of each other throughout the entire game. The Victors were coming closer to securing their championship title, and tensions began to rise for Team V. Players from JK3 and Triple J were watching with the crowd, and all spectators were on the edge of their seats. 

As the end became nearer, Team V and The Victors tied up with 14 points each. After some back-and-forth fighting for possession, Team V received the ball. Both teams had the same mindset and goal. They played their hardest throughout the playoffs and wanted to finally reap their rewards. The Victors started working to stop Team V’s efficient offense from scoring the game-winning point. However, Storks made an opening once again. 

With the championship at stake, Storks attempted a long-distance jumper that could seal the game for Team V. As he released the ball, the audience became stupefied. Nobody was expecting him to take a risky shot from the three-point line! It could’ve been easier to get Chambers in the paint and take a low-risk shot from there. Williams could have swiftly made his way to the rim and secured the championship for Team V. Viator and Lamar easily could have stepped in to handle the situation, as well. Regardless, this was the situation at hand. Everyone’s eyes were glued to the court, and the entire tournament culminated at this moment. 

Just a few seconds later, it was over. Storks nailed the game-winning shot and concluded the Cinderella story that shocked Ridgeland. After all of the adversity and underestimation, Team V came out on top. Team V played the most outstanding basketball that Ridgeland intramurals had ever seen, and were rightfully declared as the Ridgeland intramural basketball champions.



In summary, the Ridgeland Campus’ intramural basketball playoff games were a raging success. The tournament held more spectators than the previous event, and played out smoothly. Kimble and Beggs did an excellent job of structuring the tournament to play efficiently, while still being exciting for audience members and players alike. The playoffs’ results could have never been predicted by anyone and made for an amazing comeback story. 

Every team, from Triple J to Team V, played exceptionally and helped further the growth of the Ridgeland Campus’ fastest-growing student activity. Each team stood out in its own way, and the tournament wouldn’t have been the same without them. Every player, official, scorekeeper, student, and spectator contributed to intramural sports opportunities for the Ridgeland Campus’ student body and growing the campus as a whole. The success of this event will hopefully create buzz for the upcoming intramural flag football league. The league’s season will be taking place at the Ridgeland Campus, beginning on Tuesday, Feb. 21.

Team V’s team members upon winning the championship title. From left to right: Charlotte Lamar, Darrin Storks, Travian Chambers, Garrett Viator, and Jay Williams. Photo captured by Kimble.

Holmes arranges its intramural events through an online app called IMLeagues. Sign up for an IMLeagues account by going to:

To read more about the previous basketball event, click the following link for more information: “Intramural basketball tips off in Ridgeland” by Garrett Viator

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